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Tips and Tricks That Will Make You a Pro Learner.

Want to be a pro learner? Like other successful people in the world, for example like Bill Gates who says “I’m still in a learning mode” or like Pitbull who told that “there is no losing only learning”

Can we become a learner like them???

Absolutely yes, we can!

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Remember one thing that the process of learning never stops. you always learn new things in your whole life by different means for example: by reading, watching, listening or even by observing your surroundings.

In this blog, I’m going to discuss in-depth “how to improve your learning skill.”

So, let’s start!!! the journey from noob to a pro learner.


To improve learning skills, Staying organize is as important as oxygen for humans.

Reach at least 5minutes before the class starts. It is kinda difficult for some of you. Right? Lol

But the reason is, Most of the teachers follow this: first expressions last.

Therefore, they start with something important and impressive that could be a brief introduction of a chapter or some tips and tricks that might act as a magic wand for that topic or subject.

Keep everything ready with you, like pen, textbook, notebook, laptop, required software, etc.

If you won’t keep everything ready you might lose your focus while arranging/borrowing it from your classmate and hence you will make the whole class disturb. this is a bad idea. isn't it?

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Before attending any class go through all the content that you are going to study there. So that you will have a fair idea about the topics or chapter and you won’t feel like diving into the sea without an oxygen cylinder.

So, stay organize and enjoy your journey from noob to a pro learner.


To be honest doubt is a good thing. it makes you curious, having doubts is a sign of your attentiveness. but this can play a completely different role if you won’t make it clear this might clout your mind and make you feel low creative.

your mind with full of doubts won’t be able to absorb and use the information/knowledge that is being given to you.

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If you have doubts then don’t let it be with you, make it clear.

Don’t be shy or afraid to ask doubts, no matter whether you are in a lecture with hundreds of students or on an online platform full of people from different regions of the earth. The doubt that is in your mind might have the same doubt in some other's mind too. So, sometimes it worth to be foolish.

Nowadays especially in the pandemic, I would suggest you use technology and different tools to clear any doubts like Google (#BolneSeSabHoga), Quora, and different software specially built for clearing doubts, etc.


Whenever we learn something new try to put it into practice.

Before exploring this topic. Listen to me it’s important while reading about the importance of practice in our life. I found this,

Great sayingpractice makes a man perfect.”

Then what about women?

Don’t strain yourself too much, they are born perfect!


Now come to the point.

Practice means repeating an action as many times as required with the goal of improvement, and it helps us to perform that action/activity with ease and confidence.

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If you don’t have a Superman-type type memory then no matter how much time and effort you are putting in something to memorize it, at last, it would fly away from the branches of your mind. So, to keep any Knowledge or information in your mind for a long time, you need to practice it.

For example: -

If you are a student you might assign to submit assignments or projects. Don’t take it lightly if the assignment is for each individual then try to give your best and if it is assigned GroupWise then don’t completely depend on your friends or your group members, you must give your full contribution to it.

trust me! Whatever information you will work on for these assignments/projects, you will never forget not even to the last breath of your life.

This is not only for academic students.

If you are a bookaholic and reading books is your passion then try to put the good of the information in your life that you are getting from the books. Hence you will remember like “yeah I had read this thing in that book and it works”.

Observing, Practicing, and memorizing things for a long time is a sign of a good learner.


Making notes is the ability to gain information/knowledge and then presenting it in the own easiest way that can be understood by others (and myself at later points) is one of those basic skills that help us throughout life.

Nowadays most teachers provide ready-made notes in the form of PowerPoint, lecture notes, and other written materials to students to improve their scores in the examinations.

the truth is completely different,

Using ready-made notes is not going to improve your learning skill. You need to make notes that are meaningful for yourself.

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your brain is a powerful processing device that processes information to remember it for a long time. So, once you get the information try to write it down in your own summarized way.

If you are a student then don’t forget to go through your previous notes before attending the next class.

A research was conducted by (Kim & Tan & Winkelmes 2013)

To find out that notes making affects the exam scores.

In this research 79 Students had to attend psychology chalk and talk lecture for two hours per week. The total duration, of course, was 6 weeks.

And the result was impressive. Students averaged 72 percent correct on questions from the week in which they were assigned to submit a note restructuring assignments, whereas they averaged 61 percent correct for the week in which they were not assigned to submit note restructuring assignments.


In this era of technology, if you are not using technology and gadgets to improve yourself then you need to think about it.

Just with an internet connection, we can explore any kind of knowledge/information in its most updated version, 24and7 under the tips of our fingers. what can we expect more as a learner?

Here I will show you how technology and advanced gadgets can make your journey (from noob to pro learner) easy and enjoyable.

We humans and our brains are different from each other. it works differently.

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Auditory learning: -

some of us can understand things better just by listening. (it called Auditory learning) in this case, you can use the audiobook, audio files the information that you want, and just listen to it carefully while you are stuck in traffic or sitting on a couch.

Visual Learning: -

and some cannot understand unless and until they watch that thing. (it's called visual learning) in this situation you can watch videos about that, play educational games or if you are a science student then you can experiment in a virtual lab.

yes, you heard right a virtual lab. it could be related to chemistry, physics, electronics, engineering, the medical field, etc.

there are also many other technology and tools, that could help you in learning some of them are mention below.

So, adopt the technology and speed up your learning life.


Your surrounding can majorly affect your learning ability; therefore, it is important to choose or make a place perfect for your learning.

Do you want to study? then you can go to libraries, in a garden, lakeside, or simply stay at home and make it suitable for learning.

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Here I’m going to discuss with you, some qualities of a suitable place for learning: -

  • Should be free from all disturbance.
  • Required things(paper, pen, notebook, laptop, tab, etc.) should be right there.
  • should have a proper ventilation system.
  • Should have good enough lights for study. (it will be much better if you can get natural sunlight.)
  • If it is possible, there should be someone to monitor you from time to time like your mom, dad, elder brother/sister, or your guide/teacher.
  • Should have a proper internet connection if you are using online contains or learning online classes.
  • There should not be any interesting or attractive thing. It might divert your attention.


The time for effective learning varies people to a person.

Many of us feel more creative in the morning, for the perfect time to learn something will be morning.

And for some, the perfect time to learn might be afternoon, evening or even it could be night.

So first, try to find out which time is perfect for you, its mean isn’t that you cannot learn at another time, I’m telling you to find out the time because at that time you learn things with almost double speed.

Personally, I prefer to learn things mostly at night or in the evening and it helps me to learn faster.

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Do not forget to make daily planning or daily schedule. You can make the next day's schedule before going to bed, in the evening it depends on you.

It will help you to keep organized for the next day.

But in starting you might not follow the full schedule but don’t stop making it. If you’re following it even only 30% of it then appreciate yourself for this, and try to follow it completely.


Since our childhood, we are either reading or listening that “health is wealth”. So how you may be a good learner without this wealth.

Have healthy foods, fruits, vegetables, etc, and daily exercise like walking, running, cycling, gym, etc.

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Try to stay away from fast food.

Oo no!!!!

I know, I know it might be difficult for some of you. But sadly! I would say that you should avoid fast food.

To know more about fast food, check out this (95 Calif. L. Rev. 2221 (2007)) research on Fast Food: Oppression through Poor Nutrition

It was not practical for me to describe the benefits of each thing on our health. Therefore, I supported my blog with scholarly researches for more you can go with hyperlinks and read more.


Immediately you won’t be able to follow all the tips mentioned above. Try to follow this one by one as it would easy for you. After some time you will notice a difference in your learning process and you will be able to memories things for a long time.

If you are starting to do something new you must know that it takes some time, success does not come overnight, Give yourself some, stay motivated.

In an interview, Mark Wahlberg was asked that “what one quality you think you have that made you, allowed you, and pushed you to achieve what you have?”

The answer was, “my willingness to learn.”

learn new things, building new habits like reading, playing, making helpful content for others, writing blogs, etc, help in improving learning ability.

After applying the mentioned tips and tricks in your life you will get change from a noob to a pro player in the learning field.

Thank you! For reading, I hope this was helpful for you. follow me, for such contents also check out my blog on the EASIEST WAY TO WRITE A BLOG AS A BEGINNERS